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For a while I stop my step. I really thinking hard about a moment that I just felt. Sorry for my mother, I remember how she is crying. I remember how does she looks hurt. I really get my dilemma. I must take this decision. I have to. I know she will hate me, I can understand it. When my task is done, I promise, I will comeback to her and apologize for all I have done.

I must go to big city, Bandung. I must to go there to gain my dream. I am Sundanese, I came from Tasikmalaya, a small town in West Java, Indonesia. I am a fresh graduate from nursing academy. Yes, I am a nurse. I got to my dream to get carrier in Bandung. I am not too interesting in nursing science. I take this college because of my father, he want me to school in that college in my town. Anytime I can do for my father, I will do it. I promise like that because he loved me.

I continue to walking, I feel sad to say good by to my village, green village. I live in traditional society, a place where people do not use gadget for their job. Farming and traditional marketing is popular jobs here. The truth is I really happy to live in my village, fresh air, clean water, no manufacturer. Just, ground, wild plant and of course green nuance.

I walking on village road. I looking to my back, I can see how nice is my village. I really sad, but I have to go to Bandung city.  I do this to prove to my parents that I can live without they gift, without their farm, without their land. Actually they want me to continue their job as farmer. I denied it, I studying in college. I want to applied to big hospital in Bandung. I want to be a professional nurse. I want do something with nursing science.

My home is traditional of Sundanese, we use bamboo for the basic material. We use wood, like pine, Alba, Coconut, or many else we found in my village. We build it with legs. This is to protection from animals. We use rocks for the foundation, so it will be stabled.
We used bamboo to create webbing wall. Need special skill and experience to make strong and long lasting bamboo webbing. It can protect from cold and windy air. The weakness is just it material is high risk. It can be easy to burn. But, our kitchen have different building with main building, so we can avoid it, at least we have time to evacuate. We do not care about our home. It can be build quickly and the material is overflow in our village.
For the roofs, we use special leaf, we called it as “Ijuk”. This natural source is very useful, can be barrier from radiation and rain. This is like therm regulator so we feel fresh inside home.

Many types of our traditional Sundanese home. We named it based on the form of roof. The picture below is called “Tagog Anjing” type. We called like that because the roof like a squat dog. “Anjing” is Sundanese language for dog. And “Tagog” mean as squat. Front roof is more long than back roof. And pole of front roof have different angle with the top. See the picture below. I do not know why people called this type like it, I do not know when that name is starting. We know like it for many centuries ago.

The picture below is one another type of our traditional home. We called it “Parahu Kumureb” or in  English is boat face down. The form is similar like it.

For this ideas, we called “Julang Ngapak” Large roof. Like a hat. For this example below is more modern ideas. But the concept is traditional.  The bigger home like this is our Village Head House.

The picture below is one more example of Julang Ngapak types. We use clay for the roof.  Simple and conventional house. The modern ideas touch for windows, we use glasses to make our home more bright.

Maybe there are many more type of Sundanese traditional home, I believe in other area we can find more option for housing. I believe like it because I live in Indonesia, a country with million cultures. Sundanese is just a one of that part. In Sundanese we have hundreds different culture. So you can imagine how much it is in our country. We have 33 province with their main culture. Every culture have many different types of culture. We are rich and unique. He he he proud of it!

How rich of your culture?

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